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We, at CONET are basically on a professional standpoint, which origanates from the fact, that many of us have been software or hardware developers before, and starting from that platform learned to run an IT service provider company. We think, that this is a big advatage over companies, which are runned by commercial and other business experts with much less IT professional knowledge than we have.

As our possibilities grow, we devote more and more resources for creating higher added values an develop own products.

So if you are interested in the participation of the development of hardware software products on novel ideas, you have the necessary knowledge and expertise, and last but not least you have ambitions to develop your creative gifts, then contact us to discuss the thing.

To start, please send us a professional cv. with special regard to your professional skills, areas of professional interests and motivations.

You can apply with your CV at

In detail

Here is a list of skills what we need and expect that you have expertise in some of them.

Software Development

  • What we expect:

    • 2 years or more practice in one or more areas:
    • C++, PHP, Java proramming,
    • SQL, MySql, database design, programming,
    • HTML, XML, WEB programming.
  • What is important:

    • Object orinted thinking
    • English technical documentation understanding
    • Documentation, self supported working with help files,
    • Coding by code convention
  • What is advantageous:

    • Knowledge of Visual C++ és Windows API,
    • Self supported problem solving,
    • Knowledge in the design of object models,
    • Interest in Algorithms (eg. graphs, sorts)
    • Knowledge of the operation of compilers, virtual machines.

Hardware Development

  • What we expect:

    • 2 years or more practice in one or more areas:
    • Knowledge of microcontroller architectures,
    • Embedded microcontroller system design,
    • Knowledge of standard I/O and interface design (eg. CAN, Ethernet, wireless)
    • Knowledge of hardware debugging.
  • What is important:

    • Knowledge of hardware design CAD programs,
    • English technical documentation understanding
    • Self supported design capabilities,
    • Knowledge of PCB and chip packaging technology,
    • Skills in prototype building, measurement and testing.
  • What is advantageous:

    • Knowledge of microcontroller Assembly and C programming,
    • Knowledge of microkernel program architectures,
    • Knowledge of analog and digital measurement,
    • Knowledge of PCB board design CAD programs.
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